F2 Key:

Using “F2” Key, you edit the contents of a cell in excel. If you select a cell that is filled with some value and then press “F2” Key, then it will allow you to insert at the end of the current content in the cell. However, if you press “F2” for an empty cell then it simply allows you to type in the empty cell.

If editing directly in cells is disabled in your workbook, then by pressing “F2” you can edit the contents in Formula Bar. In case you are unaware that if direct editing is disabled or not then just follow below steps:

  • Click on “File Menu”.
  • Select “Options” and then select “Advanced”.
  • In the “Advanced Option” for Excel, verify if the check-box against “Allow editing directly in cells” is ticked or not as shown in below image.

F2 Key













Alt + F2:

By holding “Alt + F2” keys together the “Save As” dialog box opens for saving the excel workbook. 

Ctrl + F2:
To open Print options you can just hold “Ctrl + F2” keys together. It opens the same printing options as shown in below image which could also be opened by clicking on “File menu” and then by selecting “Print Option”.

F2 Key.png 1














Shift + F2:
Insert comments in a cell by just holding “Shift and F2” Keys together. You can also edit the existing comments in the selected cell using “Shift + F2” keys.

Alt + Shift + F2:
This set of keys “Alt + Shift + F2” when pressed together save the workbook. It is same as “Ctrl + S” keys.

Ctrl + Shift + F2:
“Ctrl + Shift + F2” Keys don’t provide any output.

Alt + Ctrl + F2:
This set of keys “Alt + Ctrl + F2”, when pressed together, opens the “File Open Dialog Box”. It is same as “Ctrl + O” function.

Alt + Ctrl + Shift + F2:
“Alt + Ctrl + Shift + F2” keys open the print option in excel, same as “Ctrl + F2” keys.


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